Jane Fawcett with Amy Stickland

Preview         Friday 15th March 6-9

Dates              16th March-7th April

Finnisage     April 7th Performance 4 pm

Times             Friday-Sunday 12-6pm & by appt.

Coleman Project Space is pleased to open the 2019 season with new work commissioned by Jane Fawcett with set design by Amy Stickland.

For her exhibition ‘Unfriendly’ Fawcett has created a site for performance – part set and part architectural model that each weave a narrative of their own. A checkered floor is used in the front space, and a maquette in the shed to initiate an imagined strategy between her presence within the space and that of a spectral figure. With this exhibition, the artist takes a tactical approach to shaping the spatial encounter.  

Fawcett is interested in social dynamics and the engineering and reading of events. Responding to the invitation of an exhibition, the installation is set up to induce the sense of a contained and affected chaos with its own internal dichotomy and private domestic intention. 

Considering collaboration as both artistic form and content, she has worked with Amy Stickland on the set design in order to further give signature and branding to this spectral figure and to help manage their voice.

Recent exhibitions and performances include Cuz Words, Feeelings, Triangle, France; I’d Do This All Day If I Could, Peer Gallery, London; The Life Intense, W139, Amsterdam; Jane, Peach, Rotterdam; Logo of Absence with Camilla Wills, Camden Arts Centre, London; Freighted curriculum and my family and landscape, Legion TV, London; Map of Misreading TENT Rotterdam; Hello to the People, Cologne Kunstverein and; The Life of an Artist, Live in Your Head, Geneva.

Fawcett edits the magazine Friends’ Jobs, asking friends to consider their ‘jobs’ and excavate these roles through fantasy. Issue one (2018) with contributions from Bernd Krauss, James Whittingham, Oliver Rees, Alan Michael, Susan Finlay and Camilla Wills.

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