Upcoming June-July 2019

Reckless Rawness

Preview                  Friday 21st May 6-9.30

Dates                     22.06.19-14.07.19

Times                     Fri-Sun 12-6 & by appt.

Coleman Project Space is pleased to present Reckless Rawness, a body of new works by Daisy Billowes and Julia Marco-Campmany. 

The relevance of image and gesture in the digital age and the relation between 2D and 3D materiality all come under scrutiny in Reckless Rawness, an exhibition about peripheral territories. Billowes and Campmany share a similar approach to describing the surrounding landscape of a city, urban space or experience, which they call ‘raw drawing’. Where Billowes uses the process as a starting point from which to investigate digital information, Campmany’s automatic drawings are designed to make us question the logic of usefulness.  


Daisy Billowes lives and works in London, a recent graduate of the MA Printmaking Royal College of Art.2017.Julia Marco Campmany lives and works in London, also recently graduated from MA Printmaking Royal College of Art, 2017


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