21st Anniversary

Coleman Project Space continues to help establish partnerships between curators, artists, arts organisations  and audiences in London and the rest of the UK.

2024 is the 21st anniversary year, and to mark its previous life as a Ladies Hairdressing Salon, the interior walls have been painted pink, the original colour of the salon.

The first exhibition of the celebratory year is Basin, a solo show by Nic Sanderson that draws from the history of the gallery as a former salon, and is a project of many parts, performance, sculpture installation and event archive
The second exhibition is B-side, a short showcase conceived by Winnie Hall and Celeste McEvoy as part of 3D Women.It builds upon the success of Works That Never Came To Life, Art Hub, 2023 – an exhibition by the collective that challenged traditional notions of completion and the idea of the final piece.

 Further exhibitions will be announced in due course.