Absence of Fondness

Private View:

September 23, 2022 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm


September 23, 2022 - October 23, 2022

Coleman Projects is delighted to announce the return of its summer artist residency. The project offers use of the gallery’s spaces over the summer months for an artist to consolidate a series of work in progress, culminating in an early autumn exhibition.

This year Rachel Lumsden will be in situ, developing a body of paintings informed by a curious mix of imagery relating to world events and everyday occurences. Sifting through the visual information at her disposal, Lumsden reveals the follies and the virtues of human situations and their particular moment in media and cultural history.

We are presented with an array of mostly large-scale visceral views and landscapes, which offer multiple figurative clues and chromatic ‘tells’ as to the current media moment and the life of the artist. While it’s not essential to know the exact terms of Lumsden’s sourcing, scraps of typography, scenic and situational details speak of the oddities of being in the here and now. 

A beautifully reconfigured container ship appears partially consumed by the painterly seas it sails upon; a carefree woman in a soft-top sports car is jerkily caught in-frame as she moves through an uncanny Fauvian landscape; other characters appear brushed into being with the same weight and tone as the landscapes and scenes of domestic detritus that envelop them.

Lumsden’s imagery positions us between a range of extremes – of corporate and personal concerns; global dynamics and local human privileges or pain points – all the while signalling through the stuff of paint the potential vagaries beneath the stories and the role of the media lens that connects them all.

Images of the artist’s work and personal quotes on her practice featured in the book Sickert – La provocation et l’énigme by Delphine Lévy and produced by French publishing house Cohen et Cohen in 2021.

Rachel Lumsden A graduate of the RA Schools, the Swiss-British artist works in Arbon, Switzerland. She has exhibited widely in the UK and abroad, including recent museum shows at the Haus der Kunst in Solothurn; the KunstZeugHaus Rapperswil; Kunsthaus Center d’art Pasquart, Biel; the Fondation Fernet Branca, France; and Kunstverein Konstanz, Germany where she was awarded the Konstanzer Kunstpreis (2018). https://rachel-lumsden.net/