Toothbrush and straight razor on black background.


Private View:

May 17, 2024 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


May 18, 2024 - June 2, 2024

  Kelly Wu, Hannah Billett, Sally Barton, Winnie Hall, Tiffany Wellington, Maddie

  Banwell, Celeste McEvoy, Gem Bryant, Cora Sehgal Cuthbert, Alexandra Ferreira.

Coleman is pleased to present B-side, a short showcase conceived by Winne Hall and Celeste McEvoy as part of 3D Women. It builds upon the success of Works That Never Came To Life, Art Hub, 2023 – an exhibition by the collective that challenged traditional notions of completion and the idea of the final piece.

The B-side of a single is a secondary song that rarely makes it onto an album. These tracks, often overshadowed by their A-side counterparts, are the underdogs. In this instance, it refers to artworks that may not have been stars of the show when created but prove vital to a practice over time and deserving of our attention. And there is, of course, an upside to being under the radar. The term B-side is synonymous with the coveted notion of the hidden gem awaiting discovery.

By shining a light on these overlooked pieces, 3D Women hopes to engage the audience with the creative process in a new and meaningful way. The exhibition brings together works in a variety of media from Kelly Wu, Hannah Billett, Sally Barton, Winnie Hall, Tiffany Wellington, Maddie Banwell, Celeste McEvoy, Gem Bryant and Cora Sehgal Cuthbert, Alexandra Ferriera.

About 3D Women

In 2020, founder Winnie Hall curated an exhibition that brought together non-binary and women artists working in sculpture, which is how the name 3D Women originated. The concept has since grown into a welcoming, inclusive and supportive platform for women and non-binary artists working in all media.

Our core mission is to create connections between artists – foster collaboration and the exchange of ideas and experiences. We strive to offer a space where artists from all backgrounds can come together.

The platform celebrates women and non-binary artists, embracing intersectionality, and creating spaces that are accessible, respectful and empathetic. We believe that representation matters, and we are committed to continuous learning and improvement to ensure that every artist finds a supportive and welcoming community here.

We curate a diverse programme of events around the theme of support. This includes monthly group sessions, mentorship by invited artists, yearly 3D Women group exhibitions and informative workshops aimed at, but not exclusively for, early-career and less-established artists navigating the complexities of the art world.