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Abstract geometric black and white architectural drawing.

April 29, 2022 - May 29, 2022

Coleman Project Space is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Martin Gayford. Comprising recent graphite drawings and new paintings, ‘Oneironautics’ marks a shift in the lives of these two parallel series, in different directions. The minimal reduction of one offers a stark counterpoint to the expressive generation of the other. Both involve the movement of familiar forms in and out of the representational territories we associate them with. 

February 2, 2008 - February 10, 2008

New works by Stephen Dunne & John Strutton Both artists share a preoccupation with ritualistic process, debased iconographies and compulsive aesthetics. Sometimes brutal often absurd their approach to figuration is fractured, automatic and schizophrenic. Through a serial production of work both artists attempt a form of cultural reclamation through visual indulgence.

May 23, 2009 - June 14, 2009

Coleman Project Space presents Salt Hotel a series of etchings by Zoe Hodgson that draw on landscapes and structures seen both near and far, from South America to South London. The images share an exchange between object and site and convey a sense of an underlying, possibly apocalyptic, world returning.  Some 40,000 years ago, on… Read More »SALT HOTEL

October 12, 2007 - November 4, 2007

Sublime, other, uncanny – all familiar critical adjectives that might help to describe the painting and photographic practices of Lee Maelzer and Marianne Engel. But to lean on such words too heavily is likely to result in falling headlong into each of the seductive frames these artists create that bit too sure of what we… Read More »Prophetic Fallacy