Portraits and Motorways


  • Dates : June 29th -July 28th 2013
  • Times: 12-6pm Friday -Sunday & by appointment
  • Preview: Friday 28th June 6pm til 10pm
  • SLAM:    Friday 26th July 6pm til 9pm

Coleman Project Space is pleased to announce a new solo painting exhibition

by Mandy Worster

Mandy Worster's paintings of people have come out of a portrait tradition concerned with the ideological,as opposed to anatomically correct,depiction of human subjects."Likeness', for the likes of Worster, Chantal Joffe and the late great Alice Neel before them,appears a mercurial term that like an open bowl of rice in the fridge is highly sensitive to the conditions of the encounter.

This selection of portraits and motorway landscapes is one edit of a larger painting practice continuing to grow and find its form. Here, Worster presents the viewer with different ways of thinking about the painted image and the portrait subject in a time of Tumblr and phone-pic 'selfies'.Essentially she works,and prefers working, from life using photography as a means of recording details that might need to be referred to after the event. Moving from one painted person to the next it's not always possible to know whether the frozen record of an event or facets of a face-to-face meeting has fed the composition.

The London-based artist's chromatic choices and combination of stylistic and visceral pictorial elements keeps the image oscillating between notions of technological and painterly production values; the influence of cultural output on the way we record and replay encounters back through the mind's eye. And, how personally selective the process is. Taking in the evocative, London-familiar form of 'JJ',as with Alice Neel's 1981 painting 'Marisol',the viewer is equally, if not more, likely to become preoccupied with the abstract dashes,contours and undulations of his jumper as the face; while the slight physical form of 'Rockia' appears one human layer in a formal,yet emotive compositional arrangement of the woman's clothing and baggage.