Toothbrush and straight razor on black background.
B-side conceived by Winnie Hall and Celeste McEvoy as part of 3D Women
photo of artwork using a chair
Coleman Project Space is delighted to present a solo exhibition of new site-specific works by Nic Sanderson. Performance, sculpture installation, event archive, BASIN is a project of multiple parts that draws from the history of the gallery as a former hairdressers.  Sanderson finds many parallels between the worlds of art practice and hair design: from the performative, community and multi-practitioner aspects of the events we associate with them, to the tools and furniture used and the role of aesthetics in very different journeys of transformation.
Blurred silhouette of a dancer leaping in air.
Coleman Project Space is delighted to open its doors in 2024 with three tides passed, a solo exhibition of new work by Bernice Donszelmann. The London-based Canadian artist will create a new sited work that draws from the human histories of surrounding Southwark’s riverside-settlement location and the bodily dynamics of video-art performance.